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What is Zonmon.com ?
Zonmon.com is a modern concept for private and professional use to visualize the performance of ordinary and modern energy sources or remotely monitor the correct behaveour over time for maintenance purposes.

Zonmon.com is well suited for: Solar boilers, Photo Voltaic solarcells, Wind turbines, Central heating oil, gas and wood burners, Household-energy usage, Hot water usage etc.  

Zonmon.com works by means of a Tibbo device that transmits the actual status of your energy system every minute of the day over internet to the Zonmon.com server.

Our server receives the data from the Tibbo device and translates it into actual and clear reports like: how much energy is produced or used, how much CO2 has been produced or avoided, and what has been gained or what the costs have been.

These reports can easily be viewed via internet all over the world without the need of installing special software. It can be viewed with a normal internet browser on PC's, tablets and most smart phones.


 The Zonmon.com website in conjunction with a Tibbo device is extremely versatile, whether you have a solar boiler system, PV solar panels or a wind turbine, or any other device which does something with energy generation. Zonmon can measure it all and the data obtained is translated into insightful information .

Devices such as central heating, wood / pellet and oil stoves as well as heat pumps but also energy generated from fossil fuels or electric power can also connect via the Tibbo device to gain insight into the functioning, efficiency and power generated.

Also to gain insight into the use of electricity Zonmon.com is a perfect solution, it allows up to the minute actual power readings. This allows to trace the consumption of individual energy users by just switching these consumers on and off. Understanding the individual consumption makes energy-conscious!

Besides the standard scenarios for measuring energy generated or consumed it is also possible to make a choice of what you want to measure, each Tibbo box has 4 measurement channels that you can use at your own discretion.

It is even possible to send the data to your own server rather than the Zonmon.com server. This give you total freedom to set up your own system to measure, calculate and present the information your own way.

 Zonmon.com is so versatile because of its modular design, in which we are working with a number of basic components.

The Tibbo device is the heart of the system, special Zonmon.com software in the Tibbo device makes it suitable for various types of sensors and reads out this information through the Internet to the zonmon.com server or your own server.

There are a few basic configurations with the appropriate sensors to immediately get started.
For situations where you do not use one of these default configurations, the following sensors are available:

- Temperature
- Flow detector
- Flow meter
- Potential free on/off detector
- 100/240 VAC on/off detector
- 12/24 AC/DC on/off detector
- 1 phase energy meter
- 3 phase energy meter

With these components, it is possible to, e.g., detect whether pumps or valves are activated, whether there is flow and how much, what the actual temperatures are, how much power is used or how much power is generated by e.g. solar panels or wind turbines etc.

Besides these sensor connections is also possible for solar installations using the ES series Effekta or Kstar KSG net inverters to connect directly to the Tibbo device. This solution provides insight in power, DC current and DC voltage of the 2 trackers.
For private and professional use
 Zonmon.com is suitable for both private and professional users.
The private user can measure the yield of his solar installation and compare this with similar installations to see if his system is performing to standard or show others what savings can be obtained using these new techniques.

In complex situations where one wants to gain more insight in the (proper) functioning, Zonmon.com can also help. The Zonmon.com system operates with high precision components so that the measurement results are very reliable.

The professional can use the Zonmon.com as a service tool for current installations under maintenance contract, Zonmon.com allows remote monitoring to investigate if all is functioning properly, saving valuable time. This service method gives confidence to the customer and can make the difference in the commercial negotiations during a sale cycle.

Is there a charge for Zonmon.com?

Zonmon.com is available for the private as for the professional user. The costs are limited to the one-time purchase of the Tibbo device with Zonmon.com software and the associated sensors and detectors, the use of the website is free!. There are no subscription fees to Zonmon.com as long as the information is publicly available.

If you want to keep the information private, we ask a small fee of 25 Euro/year per connected Tibbo device.


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